Csaba Koncz's oeuvre has a special place in the history of Hungarian progressive photography. He has always been interested in film, music, poetry and Eastern philosophy besides photography. Before he left Hungary in 1967 and wandered the world as a hippie, Koncz had been active in the field of photography between 1962 and 1967 - his works are of high quality adopting a nonfigurative approach and are connected to the aesthetics of Arte Povera.


2018      World Music, Art+Text Budapest Gallery, Budapest
1965      ’Építők Műszaki Klubja’ with György Lőrinczy and Zoltán Nagy, Budapest

1995       Triple exhibitions from 1965, Budapest Gallery, Budapest



2017      View, Robert Capa Center of Contemporary Photography, Budapest

2017      Hungaraian Gaze, National Museum of Warsaw, Poland

2007      Out of Boxes I., Neo-avantgarde tendencies in Hungarian Photography between               1965-1984., Budapest  Gallery

1987      Workshop ’67, Debrecen (H)

1967      Workshop ’67, Debrecen, Vác (H)

Csaba Koncz

1938 Rábakecöl, Hungary

Csaba Koncz at Art+Text Budapest:

World Music

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